Welcome to Hollybank Stud.
Breeders of quality Welsh Section B Ponies.

Bendigo Royal Charm


Ngalaire Regal Harn

Glenmore Brigadoon

Mirinda Sovereign
Keston Royal Occasion
Rotherwood Love In The Mist
 Springbourne Bronze Buttons
Solway Master Bronze
Springbourne Brocade

Llandovery Limelight

Coed Coch Harn

Coed Coch Ninian
Coed Coch Penaethes

Tan-Y-Groes Moonlight

Download Warcry
Tany-Groes Sunrise

Bendigo Royal Occasion

Bendigo Polestar

Forestland Robin

Criban Victor
Cwmnantgwyn Primula

Chawton Precious

Coed Coch Harn
Chawton Priceless

Clifton Bronwyn

Clifton Bubbling Up

Treharne Tomboy
Tirley Hill Bubbly

Clifton Ionwen

Treharne Jacob
Fairway Iorana